The Philips Norelco OneBlade hybrid electric trimmer and shaver QP2520/70 has a unique design. If i must answer the question I would say it is all in one blade. The Philips OneBlade is suitable for men who have beards, mustaches, sideburns, stubble, or other facial hair styles.

The OneBlade is best described as a hybrid facial styler with impressive shaving capabilities. For starters, it does a really good job of executing close shaves by providing a much gentler touch on the face than your basic razor: straight, double edge or cartridge.

The texture of the dual-sided blade isn’t as dangerously sharp as previous mentions, so there is much comfort when navigating across sensitive spots. A light pass will warrant a clean shave down to skin level.

Philips has essentially created the best beard trimmer that locks you into buying regular replacement blades.Some of you will instantly be annoyed by the thought of this.Normally many beard trimmers and electric shaver come with blades that last up to two years before needing to be replaced, why would you lock yourself into paying for replacement OneBlade heads four times a year?

The OneBlade targets those that not only love the new and innovative but are prepared to pay for it; offering a shaving experience the world has never seen before.But for those of you looking at this from a purely financial perspective the OneBlade just doesn’t make sense. A single replacement blade will set you back $15 while a pack of two costs you $25.

The OneBlade is as innovative and versatile as it is flawed. You take the good with the bad. Only the former slightly outweighs the latter in this case. Reasonable expectations. Much of its selling points hit their mark with a unique shaving system that spearheads the entire ride— delivering ease of use, sustainability, and most importantly, a practical solution engineered to deck out your face in multiple fashions. It’s a promising marriage of shaver and trimmer with the potential to serve as the footprint for your habitual grooming practices moving forward.

You’ll find that the Philips Norelco OneBlade does not shave too close. Shaving will always happen quickly and comfortably. Philips markets this as not a shaver, but as a OneBlade. Philips OneBlade has coated metal blades that enable it to smoothly glide over your skin without catching. There are also metal combed tips on either side. These have rounded polymer tips to also keep from scratching your skin, but allow the hairs to be guided in and trimmed off.

If we are talking more upscale, high-powered options, then an electric shaver with built-in trimmer functionality should be considered. The Braun Series 9 is one that comes into the conversation. A pleasant and sleek shave is promised. Still, its so-so trimming efficiency and ridiculously higher price tag give the OneBlade the consumer edge.